Misinformation Alert: What Britain Thinks

Misinformation Alert: What Britain Thinks
Credit: Elliot Manches 

This month we have new insights on Brits' perception of climate misinformation, thanks to a report launched by Climate Action Against Disinformation (CAAD) and the Conscious Advertising Network.

  • What's going on? How many Brits believe false statements about climate-related issues, from climate science to energy sources?
  • Who's involved? Who is more susceptible to misinformation statements?
  • How to get ahead. How can we leverage these findings in our climate communications?

Your 'TL:DR' in three key points:

1) Few Brits align with outright climate science denial, but a high proportion believes 'delayist' statements.

2) The most susceptible demographics are men, over 55s, right-wing voters and readers of print newspapers.

3) Brits believe most misinformation statements less than counterparts from other countries.

Read on for more details, plus tips on how to make use of these insights in your communications.