Misinformation Alert: Corporate Greed

Misinformation Alert: Corporate Greed
Source: Jethro Carullo, Unsplash 

Right leaning news publications have been unsuccessfully trying to derail public support of the windfall tax on the extraordinary profit made by oil and gas companies. Perceptions of corporate greed from Loyal Nationals and Disengaged Battlers can help us to fight misinformation around the tax and frame future climate communications. This threat alert will be relevant if you deal with communicating climate policy – whether it is framing current or future policies, fighting anti-Net Zero rhetoric, or creating future policies.

Included in this post:

  • What is going on? What narratives are at play, who is pushing them and how long it has been going on for
  • Who is involved? Which audiences make up the conversation and what are they saying
  • Creating insight fuelled climate comms Responding to anti-windfall tax rhetoric and looking forward