Vocal minorities are being weaponised against climate action

Vocal minorities are being weaponised against climate action
Credit: Steve Eason

From flooding council meetings to harassing decision-makers online, we’re seeing more highly vocal, small groups mobilise against climate action. We call these groups “vocal minorities” because they are a relatively small but loud part of the public. In the context of climate action, they risk distracting from a public mandate for more, not less climate action.

But where are they coming from? Have they always been there? Are they aided and abetted? In this post, we’ll discuss vocal minorities as a tactic, their weaponisation by some groups, and what you can do about them:

What’s going on? Who are vocal minorities, and how are they ‘weaponised’ against climate action?

Who’s involved? How are Persuadables involved? Are they a part of vocal minorities?

How to get ahead. Recently vocal minorities campaigned against ULEZ and 15 minute cities, but tomorrow the topic may change to heat pumps or farming. So what can we do to prepare?

We conducted interviews with Possible, UK100 and Valent for research on this piece.