How we created impact with six innovative climate campaigns

How we created impact with six innovative climate campaigns

To fight misinformation and spark climate action, the climate movement must make better use of advertising. That's why ACT Climate Labs conducted six innovative advertising projects over the last year.

We've been hard at work testing new techniques, messages and approaches across diverse media. In partnership with climate NGOs we used a range of budgets, from £29,000 to £300,000, all designed to cut through to hard-to-reach audiences.

Now you can read about each campaign in full, from what we did - with visual demonstrations - to what we learned each time.

Read about each campaign in full
1. How a multi-channel, mostly-offline campaign in the West Midlands successfully instilled hope for a green future.
2. How trusted messengers and positive messaging increased local climate action in Birmingham.
3. Positive, personal storytelling on insulation to combat misinformation before it sets in.
4. Using TikTok and Instagram influencers for hard-to-reach audiences.
5. Telling positive stories to combat heat pump misinformation on Facebook.
6. Debunking climate misinformation on Facebook with the Fact, Myth, Fallacy technique.

Watch a recording of our webinar below, which summarises the results and learnings from our six campaigns.

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