Misinformation Alert: Conservative Leadership Race

Misinformation Alert: Conservative Leadership Race
Source: Jamie Street, Unsplash


Boris Johnson oversaw one of the most climate-friendly Conservative governments for some time - possibly of all time. But, with a new leader to take his place by September, could all that progress now be at risk? This threat alert will be useful for everyone who needs to communicate climate action and policies to the general public, however particularly relevant if you speak to conservative voters regularly.

Included in this post:

  • What's going on? The timeline of the Conservative leadership contest, as well as the current stance on climate policy from the remaining leadership candidates.
  • Who is affected? We cover the audience of Backbone Conservatives and why they will be a key focus in the coming weeks from hopefuls for the top job.
  • Key arguments to look out for as the race hots up. Some candidates may consider softening their stance on climate to woo the right-wing of the party.
  • How to protect climate policy during this crucial time with your communications.