Misinformation Alert: Energy & the Russian invasion of Ukraine

Misinformation Alert: Energy & the Russian invasion of Ukraine
Credit: Max Kukurudziak

A lot of the misinformation being spread about the Russian invasion of Ukraine is linked to issues of energy efficiency, energy transition, green jobs, and politics, including Net Zero. They are very prominent in the media and impacting the way people think about these topics. Organisations that speak to men, Conservative voters, and Northern communities will find that these narratives can become salient with their audiences.

This alert covers the following:

  • What is going on? What narratives are at play, who is pushing them and how long it has been going on for
  • Who is at risk? Which audiences are being targeted and why does this narrative resonate with them
  • What are the facts? The facts and trusted sources we can use in communications
  • How can we fight back? How to adapt your comms whilst the Russia invasion is ongoing

This threat alert was originally published in March 2022 and was last updated in June 2022.