Misinformation alert: Fossil fuels for 'energy security'

Misinformation alert: Fossil fuels for 'energy security'

With a general election looming, 'energy security' seems to be on every politician's lips. It's even in the name of an entire government department. The phrase has been used to justify all kinds of energy policy - from oil and gas expansion - out of line with the UK’s commitment to the Paris Agreement - to installing more renewable energy across the country. 

'Energy security' is so widespread that it presents both a risk and an opportunity for good climate communication.

But are Persuadables really concerned about energy security, and does it make them more susceptible to misinformation around it? Are there better ways to engage them with energy policies?

In this post:  

What’s going on? How is energy security currently used in the context of energy and climate leading up to the general election?  

Who’s involved? What do the British public and Persuadables think about energy security? 

How to get ahead. Tips for communicating to Persuadables about renewables and energy security. 

We conducted an interview with Uplift for research on this piece.