Misinformation Alert: Green Infrastructure

Misinformation Alert: Green Infrastructure
Credit: Robert Gray

Green infrastructure creates diverse and multifaceted conversations from a wide range of audiences from City Dwellers, to Northern farmers. These conversations are likely to impact climate communications no matter which sector you work in, but particularly when dealing with construction, green jobs, and levelling up. Organisations who are involved in these sectors and who speak to many audiences from Millennials to Older rural communities will need help navigating them.


  • What is going on? What narratives are at play, who is pushing them and how long it has been going on for
  • Who is at risk? Which audiences are part of the conversation and are any at risk from misinformation
  • What are the facts? The facts and trusted sources we can use in communications
  • How to craft messages? How to make the truth stick for our audience

This threat alert was originally published in January 2022 and was last updated in June 2022.