Misinformation Alert: “But what about India and China?”

Misinformation Alert: “But what about India and China?”
Source: Canva

Almost all of us have experienced it first-hand. When the importance of climate action is brought up on TV, social media or at the dinner table, someone often interjects: “What’s the point if India/China/Russia are still polluting?” Then it’s too late – the conversation turns to geopolitics, the cost of action and the hopelessness of climate change.

In this post, we unpack this popular narrative, using some of the latest climate communications research.

We will cover:

  • What's going on? When and where are we most likely to see the “India and China” narrative in the UK?
  • Who’s involved? Who does this narrative resonate most with and why?
  • How to get ahead. What should we do when confronted with this narrative? How do we stop the spread?