Audience Insights: Climate and Faith

Audience Insights: Climate and Faith
Image credit: Alena Darmel

The majority of people in England and Wales (56.8%) identify as following some faith; and for many of those it will be a crucial part of their lives. Whenever communicating with large audiences, we need to bear in mind we're likely talking to at least some people of faith.

This post contains insights and actionable advice about how to communicate climate change through a faith lens.

Included in this post:

  • Who's involved? What faiths are followed in the UK? Why should we recognise the role of faith in climate communications?
  • What messages and language should we use? Four top frames plus some pitfalls when communicating to people of faith.  
  • Tips on getting started. What's the best approach to start talking to more people of faith?

Special thanks to Rosh Lal and Canon Guy Wilkinson, both from Faith for the Climate, for their advice on writing this guide.

Your 'TL:DR' in three key points:

1) The majority of people from England and Wales are of faith (56.8%). They are more susceptible to climate misinformation, but increasingly involved in climate action.

2) Specific frames work well through a faith lens, such as stewardship and moral challenge. Some language can disengage them, including sometimes the word 'religion', or content around judgement or punishment.

3) Local faith centres and faith leaders should be at the centre of any campaigns directly targeting people of faith.

Read on for more details, plus tips on how to make use of these insights in your communications.