Strategic guide: can ChatGPT help us improve climate comms?

Strategic guide: can ChatGPT help us improve climate comms?
Source: thisisengineering

OpenAI's ChatGPT is an AI language processor that has been taking the internet by storm. Whether it's just a fad, or a toolset that will continue to change the way we interact with technology for years to come, the team at ACT have been having fun experimenting with how it can be used to analyse sources, spot misinformation narratives and even digitally embody Countryfile's Adam Henson.

Keep reading for tips on how your team can use this free resource to supercharge your climate comms.

Included in this post:

  • What's going on? An explanation of ChatGPT, what it means for misinformation, and how it's being used to analyse popular media sources across the web.
  • What do different media sources think about climate change? Using personas created by information published exclusively on the top circulated British press to understand their bias.
  • What can we learn? Ideas and guidance for using tools like ChatGPT to improve climate communications.

This guide was inspired by an experiment by strategist Joe Shervell. Thanks so much Joe for your methodology and guidance!