Misinformation Alert: Fracking

Misinformation Alert: Fracking
Credit: Brad Weaver, Unsplash 

Climate delayers are positioning fracking as a way for the UK to increase energy independence and reduce energy prices. This misinformation alert is particularly relevant for organisations whose audience is right leaning and would be likely to describe themselves as working class. In this post, find out:

  • What is going on? What narratives are at play, who is pushing them and how long it's been going on for
  • Who is at risk? Which audiences are being targeted and why does this narrative resonate with them
  • What are the facts? The truth and trusted sources we can use in communications
  • How can we fight back? Crafting messages that will make the truth stick for our audience

This threat alert was originally published in April 2022 and was last updated in June 2022.