ACT Event Summary: What Britons Think About Climate Change

ACT Event Summary: What Britons Think About Climate Change
Source: Fargo coventry

How do you go beyond the usual suspects, and engage more people with climate action? At our latest event, we shared results and insights from our three-month programme of research in 2022.

We talked to Persuadables across the UK, and complemented these qualitative conversations with desk research, and expert consultation.

Who are the 'Persuadables'?
The 69% of Brits who have not yet made up their mind about climate action. They're not activists, nor deniers. But the majority of climate communications in the UK fails to reach them. 

Today, we'll cover the key learnings, including:

  • The challenge: why is talking to some audiences so challenging? What research did we do to tackle the problem?
  • Our results: how do the Persuadables relate to climate change? What insights can help us understand them better?
  • How to take action: 10 recommendations for supercharging your climate communications, plus snippets from the event Q&A.

The event was co-run by ACT Insights Director Harriet Kingaby and ACT Strategy Director Florencia Lujani.

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