Who are we?

ACT Climate Labs has been set up by the ethical advertising agency Media Bounty

We are a group of advertising and climate experts with a track record of creating innovative and impactful creative campaigns around social issues and climate change. ​

Our mission is to supercharge the effectiveness of climate communications with advertising techniques that allow us to make climate action mainstream, and get others to follow our lead.​

ACT has three sub-divisions which provide value in different ways:​

  • ACT Intelligence: audience insights, misinformation alerts, and advertising best practice, shared as newsletters
  • ACT Advertising: advertising campaigns based on audience insights that test effectiveness of messages against misinformation
  • ACT Network: peer-to-peer learning networking including in-person events and a Slack channel

What do we do?

We apply advertising and marketing best practice with proven results from brands and create experiments to test different approaches to make climate communications more effective and neutralise misinformation. ​

What does this cost?

We’re fully funded, so this won’t cost you anything. All we ask is that if you can find budget for media spend (paid advertising), you do.

Who is the ACT Network for?

Anyone developing communications that engage the general public on climate-related issues: ​

  • ​Marketing managers​
  • Brand managers​
  • Communications managers​
  • Campaigners​
  • Sustainability experts​
  • Public affairs managers​

Any kind of issues that are currently or will be impacted by climate change. For example:

  • Automotive sector
  • Consumer packaged goods
  • Energy efficiency & home improvement
  • Energy transition
  • Food & nutrition
  • Finance including ESG
  • Green jobs & reskilling
  • Politics including Net Zero
  • Sports, culture & entertainment including social & environmental subjects
  • Social campaigning

What do you want from members?

We want to build a critical mass of organisations using advertising techniques to create more effective climate communications. This means creating what we call ‘misinformation informed’ communication strategies which:​

  • ​Engage ‘Persuadable’ audiences, groups who are supportive but not engaged with climate topics, and can be reached with climate messages which put their interests first ​
  • Use framing to lead the climate conversation​ (not follow frames set by others)
  • Deploy advertising to get out of the organic reach trap​

What’s the time commitment?

Much of what we do should work alongside your existing communications activities. Our more active members will have the opportunity to get more involved by attending our webinars or events, or participating in ACT Advertising.

What does your membership structure look like?

Our membership is tiered, depending on how much you want to use our resources and get involved:

  • Intelligence: Hit subscribe if you haven't already, to gain full access to misinformation trends and marketing techniques, plus recieve bi-weekly newsletters to your inbox
  • Network: All of the above, plus 121 sessions with experts, access to our closed Slack channel with other members, plus webinars and events
  • Advertising: More in-depth content on misinformation and participating in advertising experiments
All tiers are free to join, visit our Join Us page for more information.

Who else is involved?

ACT members come from a wide range of sectors.

We are always looking for new organisations to join the network, so get in touch with kathryn@actclimatelabs.com if you know someone who might be interested!